My Goal 1: Stop Drinking Soda

The other day I had a dentist appointment and they told me that I needed to quit drinking so much soda. I am addicted to caffeine and not drinking soda is something I think is absolutely crazy. It is more difficult than you think. I just started to drink water today only instead of soda. I am hoping that I can keep drinking water throughout the day to avoid the soda. My goal is to have soda out of my diet completely by the 10th of May. Continue reading “My Goal 1: Stop Drinking Soda”

My 20th Birthday

Waking up on my birthday today was just like a normal day. A normal day with people constantly telling you “Happy Birthday” and you in return telling them “Thank you”. My birthday is nothing special to me. It hasn’t been for the last few years. The last two years since my 18th birthday I sit and think to myself “What am I doing?”, “Where am I going?”, “Where do I need to be headed?”, and “Who am I?” Continue reading “My 20th Birthday”