My Goal 1: Stop Drinking Soda

The other day I had a dentist appointment and they told me that I needed to quit drinking so much soda. I am addicted to caffeine and not drinking soda is something I think is absolutely crazy. It is more difficult than you think. I just started to drink water today only instead of soda. I am hoping that I can keep drinking water throughout the day to avoid the soda. My goal is to have soda out of my diet completely by the 10th of May.

I am assuming that I will start getting some headaches soon from the lack of caffeine in my system. The only way to get through that is to drink coffee or to deal with the headaches. I have not decided what I am going to do but I don’t think I am going to drink coffee all the time. I like coffee. Coffee is amazing on some days, but to drink it every day that is crazy talk!

The reason why soda is so hard to quit drinking is that it is available to purchase every where. Walk into a gas station, a grocery store, a clothing store, or a sporting goods store there is always a mini fridge at least with soda ready for you to buy. Looking at the soda causes me to buy it because it sounds good. If I was to put an amount of money I put towards soda it would be around the $60.00 a month range I think. If you take that amount and multiply that by 12 you get $720.00 a year on just soda. It is ridiculous.

If you think you need to stop drinking soda just figure out how much you spend a month on soda and multiply it by 12. You will then get motivation to save that money every year. That is a money that could all go towards vacation or bills or anything you need it to go towards. It may be hard at first, but as you keep on going it will get easier. Sooner or later you won’t even think about it.

All bold content is bold for my key thoughts/ideas and are bold for mostly me.

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