Andrew’s Bucket List

I have been working on this list for the last two days. There are so many things I would like to achieve before I die. Some of the ideas may sound super impossible but that will not stop me. I will achieve what I can.

Here is a list of everything I want to do in my life. Even if it sounds impossible… it is still achievable if you keep trying to achieve it.

  1. Quit drinking soda
  2. Move from Michigan
  3. Travel to Fort Lauderdale, FL
  4. Travel to Los Angeles, CA
  5. Travel to New York City, NY
  6. Travel to Thailand
  7. Travel to France
  8. Travel to Spain
  9. Travel to Italy
  10. Travel to China
  11. Blog Everyday for One Year
  12. Go Skydiving
  13. Go Bungee Jumping
  14. Go Hang Gliding
  15. Go Scuba Diving
  16. Teach English in Another Country
  17. Go on a Cruise Ship
  18. Get Married
  19. Have Children
  20. Travel to 5 Different Countries
  21. Travel to 10 Different Countries
  22. Travel to 25 Different Countries
  23. Play with Elephants
  24. Go into a Shark Cage
  25. Learn How to Surf
  26. Learn a Martial Art
  27. Learn Another Language
  28. Take Dance Classes
  29. Take Yoga Classes
  30. Start Vloging on YouTube
  31. Walk the Great Wall of China
  32. See the Niagara Falls
  33. Go Parasailing

More to be Added!

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