Setting Life Goals

Having a goal set will always let you achieve more in life.  You can tell yourself all the time that you will get it done, but if you don’t set that goal, you may never achieve what you want. You aren’t going to push yourself to get anything done. I started to make a list of goals/things I want to accomplish. As I go through that list I am going to pick one item and give myself a time frame to accomplish it. This way I know I will make progress in my life.

Writing down a goal is simple. All you need is a notebook and a pen and you can make a list of things you would like to achieve. Start thinking about things you would like to do and write it down on that piece of paper you have. You can never have too many goals. You have probably heard of the saying “Mind is Power“, this is true. If you can set your mind to it you can achieve it.

Setting a goal is as simple as writing it down. When you choose a goal you would like to achieve you need to set a date or time you would like to achieve it by and you have set a goal. After you choose a date or time you would like to achieve it, you just need to let others know you are setting out to achieve your goal and be proud of your choices.

Let other people know! Let them know and they will either be with you or without you and if they are not with you then keep moving forward without them. Do not let anyone tell you it is impossible or it is a stupid idea. Ideas are not stupid. If you have a vision for the idea then follow that vision. Remember… Mind is Power. You control your mind which then controls your life. You have full capability to make the life you want.

Before I go I want to give you a goal. That goal is to make a list of goals. If you can make that list, you finish the very first step to achieving what you want to achieve. I am setting my goals right now and I hope you make your list also.

All bold content is bold for my key thoughts/ideas and are bold for mostly me.

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